This holiday season, give the gift that means more by saving for your child’s college education. When you add funds to their Path2College 529 Plan today, you’re helping them achieve success tomorrow.

Finding the latest toys or coolest games can become stressful this time of year, but that’s where Path2College 529 comes in. When you give the gift of college savings, you’re instilling confidence in your child and their future. This holiday season, when you give them their Path2College 529 account, add a sentimental card to show them just how important they are to you and how much you care about their future.

And when you ask family and friends to contribute to your child’s account this year, they’re giving so much more than just money. Their giving to their future education and their future career.

Remember, your child will grow up before your eyes so it’s never too early to start investing in their college education.

Enroll in Path2College 529 today.

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