Learning is exciting and hands on at Tellus Science Museum. From dinosaur bones to galaxies far, far away, this museum covers every aspect of science your kids crave. Here are 12 things you can do on your next visit.

Visit Extinct Animals

In the Fossil Gallery, walk through the eras of dinosaurs, saber-tooth cats and giant turtles. Pose for pics in giant jaws and touch dino bones.

See the Stars

The Bentley Planetarium screens four planetarium shows daily, such as the “live tour of the night sky,” and films about topics ranging from black holes to the planets in our solar system.
Open during special events only, the Tellus Observatory  gives visitors a view of the night sky through a 20″ telescope, perfect for viewing the Moon and planets in our solar system.

Learn About Phosphorescence and the Elements

In the Weinman Mineral Gallery, see a variety of gems, gold and some of Georgia’s most prized minerals. Learn in which everyday and household items you’ll find elements. And see what happens to some rocks when the lights go out!

Pan for Gems and Uncover a Fossils

Sift through wet sand to find gemstone pieces that you can bring home! Download the gemstone treasure map to identify what you find. And play archaeologist, uncovering sharks teeth and gastropod in the fossil dig room. Younger kids love bringing their own fossil hunter certificate to feel official as they enter the digging site.

Get Hands On with Weather, Magnets and Sound

My Big Backyard is a terrific area for younger kids to explore such things as light, sound, magnets, weather and electricity. The exhibits are designed for multiple people to use, so it’s a great space for parents and kids to “do science” together, or for new friends to be made. Don’t miss the big walk-in tree!

Tour the Solar House

See the 800-foot house that runs completely on solar energy! The house is one of 20 homes designed and built by university students around the world for the 2015 U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon.

Attend School Break Programs

During spring break and other school holidays, kids can take deep dives into areas of science that most interest them. The Spring Break Science Escape features a different science career theme, like exploration of medicine using surgical robots or exploring geology by cracking open geodes to see what treasures lie inside.

Transport Yourself

In the Science in Motion Gallery, take great pictures “wearing” an astronaut suit. You’ll also find vintage transportation vehicles, including automobiles and bicycles, and even a 1950s helicopter and a replica of the Wright Brothers’ original 1903 airplane, the “Wright Flyer” as you learn about the evolution of transportation.

See a Special Exhibit

Whether they introduce robotic animals or the science of motorcycles, special displays rotate through the galleries. One every visit you’ll discover something different! Check the website for current exhibits, like Science Fiction, Science Fact, which explores the technologies science fiction predicted.

Attend an Event

See a host of rocks, minerals and gems at the annual RockFest. Collect autographs from your favorite science and science fiction characters at Night at the Museum. A host of science-themed special events take place throughout the year.

Grab a Bite

Your can bring your own picnic to eat in the covered outdoor shelter. Or, you can visit the café for a meal or snack. Highchairs are available.

Bring Home Science

Browse the well-stocked gift shop to bring home some science-themed mementos and projects. Here you’ll find gemstone jewelry, educational books and DVDs, geodes, science experiments and even science tools like microscopes for young learners.

Caren Lightfoot contributed to this article

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