Earth-friendly cleaning has never been easier to adopt. From detergents to reusable cloths, many products that were once cost prohibitive are now more budget friendly. Even just adopting one greener habit can have a positive impact on our planet and your family.

Natural Solutions

  • Want to clean with natural ingredients but not ready to commit? Create DIY cleaning solutions that will successfully keep your home clean and germ free with things you already have at home. According to, the fresher the solution is, the more effective it will be. For mild cleaning, the recipe is: mix 1/2 cup vinegar, 1/4 cup baking soda, and 4 to 8 cups hot water in a spray bottle. You can substitute 2 teaspoons of borax for the baking soda. Add a few drops of essential oil to any mixture to give it a fresh scent. The site also offers DIY instructions for glass cleaner, kitchen sanitizer and other natural kitchen cleaning hacks.
  • Laundry is an unavoidable chore, but it can be gentler on our environment with a few small changes. Wash in cold water to reduce your household’s carbon footprint by 10%. Eliminate chemical residue from your clothes with eco-friendly laundry sheets or tablets. These natural detergent options also reduce plastic waste since the sheets come in bio-degradable packaging instead of large plastic jugs or pods wrapped in plastic. Many varieties are vegan and are good for those with sensitive skin.

Plant-Based Tools

Choose sustainable materials for cleaning your home’s surfaces, dishes, and more.

  • Eco-friendly sponge cloths are a great swap for paper towels. Made from cellulose found in plants, one cloth is equivalent to 15 rolls of paper towels, so using them saves a lot of trees. Plus, they are durable, biodegradable and dishwasher safe. They work well for washing dishes, cleaning countertops and wiping down mirrors. We like this 4-pack from for $10.99.
  • A plant-based grill cleaning brush takes your green habits outside. Natural palmyra bristles are durable, heat resistant and gentle on the grill’s surface. The material is also safer for your food and family than traditional metal bristles. Handles crafted from upcycled wood and no plastic parts add to the sustainable nature of this cleaning tool based in Atlanta. Find at for $29.99.

Sustainable Subscriptions

Sometimes changing habits, even ones we want to make happen, can be tricky because we don’t have time or aren’t sure how to get started. There are a few delivery services that make a greener lifestyle easy.

  • One option is The Rounds; it uses local vendors to deliver items you choose — food, cleaning products — in reusable bags and refillable containers without cardboard boxes or single-use plastic. They will also pick up your empty containers. Atlanta is one of four cities where this service is offered.
  • There are also online purveyors like Grove Co. and Blueland that offer a wide range of natural cleaning products in sustainable packaging. They offer starter packs and subscriptions that can help you save money while helping our planet.

-Tali Benjamin

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