1. It’s a nice view—Skyline Park is an apropos name. The view may not be as high as the one from the Sundial, but it’s a great spot to take in the Atlanta skyline.

2. The slide and Heegee Tower were our favorite rides. The slide was $1 a person and worth it. The Heegee Tower was $3 a person and a neat carnival ride for ages 7 and up. Quick at a minute and a half of fun, but you get to pull yourself up and down as you spin around slowly taking in the view. We’ll admit it; we liked it so much we did it twice.

3. There are several different carnival games. They range from $2-$3 to play and include horse racing, skeeball, basketball, ring toss and test your strength.

 4. Take a moment to have a drink and enjoy the view. They have fun, themed adult drinks, including the Ponce Park Cup and Pemberton’s Frozen GA Julep.

5. It’s $15 to go up for adults, $7 for 4-12 and ages 3 and younger are free. Games and putt putt are additional fees. Beverages and food are also available.

– Laura Powell

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