Here are some inexpensive and fun party activities to get everyone up and moving.

Glow Stick Bowling

Gather up 10 empty water bottles and 10 glow sticks and a soccer ball or basketball. Fill the bottles with water, pop the activated glow sticks inside and twist the cap. Set up a pyramid with the water bottles and let each guest take turns bowling. Source:

Squirt Water Gun Races

You’ll need sturdy string, duct tape, plastic cups and small water guns. Use a drill or scissors to put holes in the bottom of the cups, pull the string through them and hang from two trees or stakes. Guests have to use their water guns to move the cups to the other end. The first player to make it all the way wins. Source:

Nerf Target Prize Game

Glue twelve plastic cups to a heavy duty poster board and put a prize inside of each cup. Trace the cup and make tissue paper circles to hot glue to the tops, covering the prizes inside. Take a Nerf Gun and let each guest shoot the cups and claim their prize. Source:

Cheese Puff Game

Divide players into two teams and start a one-minute timer. The objective is to put a shower cap onto their partner’s head, cover the cap in shaving cream and then toss cheese puffs into the shaving cream. The team gets one point for every puff on the hat after one minute. Source:

The Donut Game

Tie a piece of rope between two trees and then hang donuts at differing heights from the rope with string or ribbon. The objective is to try and eat your donut the fastest without using your hands. Source:

– Teresa Farkas

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