Features: In early February, Morgan Falls Overlook closed for a renovation that made parents very happy. The playground now has sturdy canvas awnings over three-quarters of its structures. The coverings help prevent the turf and equipment from overheating.
Only minutes from Roswell Road, this gorgeous 27-acre park overlooks Bull Sluice Lake and gives one the feeling of being in the Georgia mountains. The area was once a river crossing for Native Americans, then home to early white settlers. One historic aspect in the park is an ornamental fireplace that dates to about 1840.
The playground opened in 2010 as a $3.8 million project. David Attlensi of Sandy Springs brings his three children to the park every week. He likes the convenience and that he and his kids can hike and fish here, and also have cookouts.
Robin Mooney travels a bit farther to get here with her two children, husband and dog. “We come to this park because it has some really unique equipment that other parks don’t have, such as the spiderweb. My daughter loves that. Also, every time we come here, my daughter plays with this thing that has balls inside that she spins for about 30 minutes!”
Dogs are allowed anywhere in the park, except the playground, which promises all the usual equipment, plus rock climbing components, rocking animals, the spiderweb, and a tilted spinner.

Amenities: Four charcoal grills; a ¾-mile hiking trail; wide, paved walkways; floating dock; restrooms; horseshoe pits; open field; and pavilion for picnics. Swinging benches overlook the water. There is onsite storage for your kayak. Open 6 a.m. to dusk.

Directions: The park is at 200 Morgan Falls Rd., Sandy Springs. Morgan Falls Road is off Roswell Road on the section between Northridge Road at Exit 6 on GA 400 and Dalrymple/Spaulding. The park is at the very end of Morgan Falls Road.  

– Jaclyn Turner

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