The best way to combat the excessive noise that our children are exposed to is to teach them how to create a quieter environment.

Be a positive role model to your children

This means keeping your home free of excessive noise and showing your kids that you take time out of your busy day for quiet moments, such as meditation.

Turn the television off when nobody is watching it

Do not use it as a background noise filler, especially when you are eating as a family and when your children are doing homework.

Work on positive behavior shifts

This includes limiting your child’s computer time, television time, cell phone time, tablet time, etc.

Use noise-reducing headphones

If your child is bothered by noise or just needs to tune out sounds during quiet time.

Set aside quiet meditation time for your children

This can be right after school, to provide a break from their busy day before they jump into homework or extra-curricular activities.

Drive your children to and from school without the radio

This allows everyone to have a moment with their thoughts before and after their hectic day.

Go for a family nature walk

Make sure to quietly enjoy the beauty around you. Challenge your children to be quiet so they can listen to all the natural sounds around them.

Create a quiet zone in your home

This is where your children can go when they need some silence. Try a floor pillow in the corner of a playroom or bedroom, with books and stuffed animals to comfort them as they recharge.

Teach your children stillness techniques

Choose yoga, meditation, and other breathing exercises.

When you go for a long drive in the car, spend some of that time in complete silence

This will prompt your children to look out the window and soak in the world passing by.

– Sandi Schwartz

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