There’s nothing curious about how Curious George endures. Who can resist a smart and lovable animal who’s always exploring? (Plus, he can swing by his tail!) This summer, the fesity little monkey who got his start more than 70 years ago in children’s books by Margret and H.A. Rey, seems to be everywhere. He got us thinking about all kinds of monkey business.

Monkey Rhyme

“Five Little Monkeys” is a fun verse to teach to and recite with your kids:
Five little monkeys jumping on the bed,
One fell off and bumped his head.
Mama called the Doctor and the Doctor said,
“No more monkeys jumping on the bed!”

For the complete verse, and for “Five Little Monkeys” activities such as finger puppets, visit You can also find plenty of delightful re-enactments of “Five Little Monkeys” on YouTube.

George on PBS

PBS loves George as much as we do. He has his own TV program for ages 3-6 to introduce them to concepts of math, science and engineering. And you can find simple video games for kids at To check the showtime on PBS, visit Be sure to download PBS’ free Monkey Match app for iPhones, a memory match game that uses letters and rhyming words.

Source: Jeannette Fender, Adventures of J-Man and MillerBug,

Paper Roll Monkeys

What you need: empty toilet paper rolls; dark brown paint; light and dark brown foam craft sheets; sponge brush; brown magic marker; googly eyes; glue; brown pipe cleaners
What to do: Paint toilet paper rolls brown. Create monkey head by cutting out an oval from dark brown foam sheet. Cut another oval with attached eye area from the light brown foam. Glue light brown piece onto the dark brown oval piece. Glue on googly eyes, add a nose and mouth using your brown magic marker. Cut circles for the ears and attach them to the top of the head. Cut out light brown ovals for the belly and small ovals for the feet. Use marker to draw on toes. Glue belly, feet and head to the toilet paper roll. Take a half of a brown pipe cleaner, wind into a circle and attach to form the tail. 

Monkeys, For Real

George’s monkey pedigree appears to be the Heinz 57 variety, but you can find four species of his interesting cousins at Zoo Atlanta – Golden Lion Tamarins, Drill Monkeys, Schmidt’s Guenons and Wolf’s Guenons. Read all about them at

Hug-able Pals

For just $5, you can get a Curious George book and a plush toy of George or one of his pals. Buy Curious George’s Dinosaur Discovery, for instance, and a dinosaur plush toy (other toys are George, a puppy, a kangaroo and a moose). The books and toys are available at Kohl’s stores or online through Kohl’s Cares, a foundation that has raised more than $231 million for children’s health and education programs. Visit and search “kohls cares.”

Monkey on Your Plate

Breakfast time doesn’t have to be boring. Grab (just for one example) some English muffins, bananas, walnuts and blueberries and let your kids “monkey around” with their food.
Source: Funny Food by Bill and Claire Wurtzel (Welcome Books, $19.95)

– compiled by Amanda Miller Allen and Taniqua Russ


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