Roger Day’s Marsh Mud Madness educational DVD is the perfect way to teach your little ones about Georgia’s seacoast ecology. With Day’s wacky tunes and groovin’ moves, kids are going to be dancing for days. Roger Day is one of the nation’s top touring family music artists. His new video features engaging information about the plants and animals that make up the Atlantic coastal ecosystem, along with 12 original songs performed in front of a live kid audience.


for kids ages 4 and up

Marsh Mud Madness: Learn about the animals on Georgia's seacoast.
Take a view of Roger Day's song “Ghost Crab” on this free video link.
Download animal photos from this page
1. Print and cut out the coastal animal cards, creating a stack for each sorting activity (Plant/Animal; Land/Water/Air; Fur/Feathers/Hard Shell)
2. Ask your kids if they have ever visited the marsh or a beach and what animals they saw or that they think might live there.
3. Use the three sets of coastal animal cards as a center activity, asking the kids to sort the cards according to the category:
   Is it a Plant or an Animal?
   Does it live in the Land, Water or Air?
   Does it have Fur, Feathers, or a Hard Shell?
4. Create a story! Draw or write a story of a Sand Tiger Shark and a Ghost Crab, including details like fins, gills, eyes, teeth, claws, shell, legs, sand and ocean.
Help kids write the name of their crab and shark.


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