A Beach in Our Own Backyard

The feeling of sand between your toes and the rush of cool water is synonymous with summer fun. Who doesn’t want to relax on a beach or cool off at a water park on a hot summer day? LanierWorld at Lake Lanier Island Resorts offers the sensation of both a beach and a water park, fun for adults and kids alike.
As soon we entered the gate, my three nieces spotted the Kiddie Lagoon and Wiggle Waves area, as well as the one of the many water slides. We were at the Big Beach (LanierWorld is separated into sections), and I relaxed in one of the many beach chairs while the girls explored the water area to their hearts content.
Kiddie Lagoon and Wiggle Waves is popular among the infant and toddler crowd and provided endless fun for the 3-year-old. With mini water slides and fish sprayers, and with life jackets available, she was able to float around and cool off. The 6- and 7-year-olds, however, were ready for “big-kids” fun.
Enticed by a large Ferris wheel, my girls dragged me along to explore the other sections, including Landlubber’s Lagoon Carnival (our wristbands allowed us access into every section of LanierWorld). During the 10-minute Ferris wheel ride, basketball games and performances by the Fun Time Players (which the girls participated in), I heard the soothing sounds of jazz music coming from the floating stage. We headed back to the main beach, to enjoy some live music.
Then, the girls discovered five water slides and Lakeside Links Mini Golf. Children 42 inches or taller can ride the Intimidator, the Typhoon, the Twister and the Triple Threat. Two of my girls were tall enough, and not being able to swim was not a problem – the slides emptied into 3 feet of water. The FunDunker Playhouse, proclaimed the most challenging slide by LanierWorld’s website, requires riders to be 48 inches or taller. Though they may be tall enough, younger children might find this ride a little scarey. The ride involves many twists and being dunked into an 8-foot-deep tank.
We ended the day at Kiddie Lagoon and Wiggle Waves so that all three girls could have fun together. On our way out, the girls spotted rides and a large wave pool in the Family Fun Park. A six-hour visit was not long enough to enjoy it all! Could we visit the Fun Park the next day?, they asked.
LanierWorld is certainly a day, or two, well spent.
Tip: Arrive early on a sunny day, when it might be crowded. We got there at 1 p.m. because it was raining earlier, but plenty of families were already there. Many restaurants and food stands along the boardwalk offer a variety of food, but you also can pack a picnic lunch. Though no coolers are allowed in the park, we were able to move in and out, as long as we had our wristbands. Picnic tables are set up under the shade adjacent to the parking lot where visitors can enjoy any outside food or beverages.
– Taniqua Russ

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