These books will keep kids smiling, exploring and having fun all summer long.

“Rachel Carson and Ecology for Kids: Her Life and Ideas, with 21 Activities and Experiments”

by Rowena Rae (Chicago Review Press, $13.19, ages 9-12)
Explore the life and work of Rachel Carson and learn various ecological concepts through experiments and activities.

“Yummy Yoga: Playful Poses and Tasty Treats”

by Joy Bauer (Abrams Books for Young Readers, $12.27, ages 3-5)
Introduce yoga and nutrition to kids with eight yoga poses and recipes.

“Adventure Girls!: Crafts and Activities for Curious, Creative, Courageous Girls”

by Nicole Duggan (Rockridge Press, $9.39, ages 6-12)
Explore creative activities and crafts from stargazing and animal tracking to making a pinhole camera and building a shadow theater.

“Bake It: More Than 150 Recipes for Kids from Simple Cookies to Creative Cakes!”

by DK (DK Children, $19.59)
Learn the basics of baking, as well as the challenges of bread-kneading, meringue-whipping and more technical aspects with delicious recipes.

“Bees, Bugs and Butterflies: A Family Guide to Our Garden Heroes and Helpers”

by Ben Raskin (Roost Books, $13.20, ages 4-8)
Families can use this Discover Together Guide to learn all about garden pollinators through games, quizzes and outdoor exploration.

“Curious Jane: Science+Design+Engineering for Inquisitive Girls”

by Samantha Razook Murphy (Sterling Children’s Books, $9.95, ages 6-11)
Open this book to any page and find a fun project, from making mini-catapults to fizzy bath bombs to screen printing.

“Maker Lab Outdoors: 25 Super Cool Projects”

by Jack Challoner (DK Books, $15.19, ages 8-12)
Create a homemade compass or a thermometer, grow a plant without soil, make enormous bubbles and more – you’ll find out how with easy-to-follow illustrated instructions and learn the science behind the project.

“Summer Brain Quest”

by Workman Publishing; $12.95, separated by grade groups from Pre-K to fifth grade
Avoid the summer slide with these activity books to improve on math, reading and other skills. Each book is made for specific grades, and helps work on core concepts for those grades.

“Star Wars Workbooks”

by Workman Publishing; $8.95, separated by age/grade and topic
This line of books combines the popularity of “Star Wars” with educational topics kids learn in Pre-K through fourth grade. This includes ABCs, phonics, writing, reading and math.

“Everything You Need to Ace In One Big Fat Notebook”

by Workman Publishing; $14.95, grades 6-8
Geared towards middle school students, this book series helps look towards topics they will learn in the coming year. This includes science, history, math and English. The books include colorful sketches and graphics to keep attention.

“Summer Fit Activities”

by Summer Fit Learning; $14.95 separated by grade groups from preschool to eighth grade
These books combine learning with play and fitness for a fun-filled summer. On one page, a child may learn about healthy eating and on another, learn about colors, letters or sounds. Each book also includes a value lesson such as compassion or honesty.

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