Hearing the “I’m bored” blues? Keep kids occupied with these creative indoor activities.

A Puzzling Contest

You’ll need two 100-piece jigsaw puzzles. Spread each puzzle out on a large surface; the first person to complete theirs wins the Top Puzzler award.

Build It

Start with an appliance-sized box. Design a house, castle, puppet theater or anything else the kids can imagine. Use markers, paint, paper towel tubes and smaller boxes to add to the creation.

Hunting High and Low

Hide small items around the house and write down riddles and creative clues on where each is located. The last item on the scavenger hunt list could be something special, like a favorite treat or book.

Paper Snowflake Blizzard

Get out paper and scissors and start folding and cutting. Look for printable templates online, or see who can create the best freeform snowflake.

Sock Puppet Play

Gather a few mismatched socks. For eyes, glue on shapes cut from felt, or sew on buttons. Add yarn hair, eyes, pipe cleaner glasses, bow ties and whatever silly features you can think of.

The Best Pet

These retro pets rock! Find smooth round or oval rocks outside. Give each a coat of craft paint, then add silly features with paint or permanent markers, or glue on googly eyes.

Birds of a Feather

Celebrate National Bird Day on January 5 with DIY feeders: spread pine cones with peanut butter, roll them in birdseed and hang outdoors on a tree branch. See how many birds you can identify at your feeder.

Ice Painting

Fill an ice cube tray with water, add a drop of food coloring to each section and mix. Place a short craft stick into each color (lean the stick on the edge of the tray). Freeze and have fun “painting” on heavy paper or poster board.

Popping Fun

January 31 is National Bubble Wrap Day! Turn on the music and get moving with a bubble wrap dance fest, or dip a square of bubble wrap in paint and stamp designs on paper.

Word Search

Have kids design their own word search. They can choose a theme, like favorite foods, animals or movie titles. Give the puzzle to a sibling or friend to solve.

Tissue Paper Stained Glass

Tear colored tissue paper into pieces. Mix two parts craft glue with one part water, and brush it over a piece of wax paper. Place the tissue pieces on the paper and brush again with glue mixture. Let dry and hang in a sunny window.

Confetti Cookie Bars

Knead 2 tbsp. candy sprinkles into a roll of refrigerated sugar cookie dough, press it into an 8” pan and bake. Cool, then add white chocolate drizzle and more sprinkles. Visit pillsbury.com for complete instructions.

Take a (Toy) Car Ride

Use low-tack masking tape to create a racetrack on the floor. Get creative by adding cardboard ramps, LEGO bridges and tunnels made from cardboard tubes, and take toy cars for a few spins around the track.

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