June brings the start of summer and also a day for us to celebrate dads. This year, Father’s Day is on Sunday, June 18. It’s a day to embrace all the things that make dads great — from the fun they bring to the lessons they teach. So, in their honor, we asked local dads a few questions about fatherhood today, and here’s what they had to say.

What are your favorite things to do with your kids?

I love to play and act out made up scripts and scenes from our favorite movies. Family night on Sunday is my favorite! – Quincy Caver (above), dad of three from Decatur

Going to the aquarium and the zoo, checking out different festivals, going on walks, watching the Braves on TV or going to Braves games, dancing to music, throwing stuff, playing with our cats and dog. There is so much to do. There’s never a weekend where we are sitting around bored. There’s something happening every weekend. – Jonsie Pitts, dad of a 1-year-old from Powder Springs

Explore the backyard! Emilia is a curious little girl, and I’m an engineer. So, I like to explain to her how things work. We have a half-acre backyard, and we have lots of trees and vegetation. We can spend hours outside looking at nature and exploring. Springtime is the best time for that and she knows it. She’s being raised in a multilingual family. I speak French with her while her mom speaks Portuguese, so it’s stunning to see her developing her language based on what she likes to do (exploring nature and eating). – Steven Berguin, dad of one from Marietta

What is the best thing about raising your kids in Atlanta?

There is always something free to do. We’re going to Second Sunday at the High Museum of Art. It is free every month. – Kareem Lopez (left), dad of two from Decatur

All the wonderful parks and attractions to take them to. We love Brook Run, Centennial and Piedmont parks. Gwinnett County also has some good parks. – Christopher Jackson, dad of two from Chamblee

I think we have a strong outdoor set up that isn’t always recognized or appreciated. From rivers and lakes to parks and mountains, we have so many outdoor options. – Jonathan Byrd, dad of two from Brookhaven

What is the scariest thing about being a dad in 2023?

How easily children are exposed to adult things. – Kevin Fox (right), dad of two from Dunwoody

Gun violence. Casually shopping for a bulletproof backpack was never something I thought I would do. Also, harmful images and information being readily available for this generation. That just wasn’t something we had to worry about as kids. – J.P.

I am soon to be 40! I only have one child, but the pressure we live in with the society expecting your kid to always achieve milestones way earlier is just too overwhelming and is a terrible, stressful thing to deal with when you are older than an average father. – S.B.

What is the most exciting thing about being a dad in 2023?

Just watching her grow up and learn new things fast; she catches on to things. – Sean Wade (left), dad of one from Loganville

Doesn’t matter the year, in my opinion, I love watching them grow and seeing them smile. – C.J.

Raising my children in a technology driven world. The opportunity they get to have a positive impact and voice to the masses is so much more than I could have ever thought. – Q.C.

What is one piece of advice you know you’ll give your kids?

Your word is your bond. Mean what you say, say what you mean. – C.J. (right)

Love yourself. Feel your feelings. Dream your dreams. Just be you. You are loved beyond measure. You are enough. – J.P.

Realize when you are in a situation where you need to take a pause and think before doing something impulsive. – J.B.

To learn to be patient, enjoy every moment, good or bad. Understand everything won’t be perfect, but everything will be perfectly fine. – S.W.

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