Atlanta Parent spoke with Jeramy Ragsdale, Thrive Senior Living Founder and CEO. He is father to Ruth Ann, 11, Rachel, 9, and Caroline and Cate, 6.

What new activity have you and your family started enjoying during this time?

With four daughters, we have seen a huge uptick in nail painting, glitter usage, sidewalk chalk, bike riding, skinned knees and duck feeding.

How are you balancing working at home with home/family responsibilities?

I think work/life balance is impossible. I prefer work/life integration. For 10 years, I’ve taken my girls out to breakfast every Saturday. Now, we are having takeout breakfast.

Do you have any meals that are your specialty?

I cook an exquisite bowl of Kraft mac and cheese.

Any at-home projects you have been able to tackle?

I successfully found toilet paper at the grocery store one day. Does that count?

Any funny dad/kid(s) moments from this time?

We are now our kids’ personal assistants. Lining up meetings and calls, keeping their schedule and even being tech support.

How do you plan to celebrate Father’s Day?

As the sole male in a house of five females, and even a female dog, I get out-voted quite a bit. On Father’s Day, they typically let my vote count for at least three, so that I stand a fighting chance of picking restaurants or activities.

Any other advice for dads during this time?

Take a deep breath—they’re kids. I’m reminded every day how short our time with the kids is. On her 9th birthday, my oldest told me, ‘You know you’re halfway done with me, right?’ My heart stopped. As awful as the pandemic is in many ways, this extra time is a gift. It’s an extension of our very precious days with them.

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