Seedling’s Make a Mini Foosball Table allows kids to craft a portable foosball table that can be played right on the kitchen table. Contains everything needed to build the field, create the players, and play a foosball game. 8 and $40

The SkyPaper Paper Plane Launcher blasts paper planes up to 100 feet. The kit includes 24 do-it-your-self planes and instructions. 8 and older. Toys R Us. $24.99

Nancy B’s Science Club Way to Grow Hydroponics Kit & Gardening Diary by Educational Insights includes a 22-page activity journal and the ability to grow and study plants without any soil. 8 and older. Kazoo Toys, School Box and Rhen’s Nest Toy Shop. $21.99

Crayola’s Air Marker Sprayer converts Crayola-brand markers into a smooth spray of ink. Users can spray their own designs and patterns or pair with the stencils included. 8 and older. Major retailers. $29.99

Hasbro’s Simon Air Game is a twist on the Simon game where players need to watch, remember and repeat patterns. This version recognizes when a player follows the color sequence using touch-free technology. 8 and older. Major retailers. $19.99

With the Craft-tastic Yarn Tree Kit by Ann Williams Group your tween can create a colorful place to hang necklaces, bracelets and earrings. The kit includes an 18” bendable wire tree and colorful yarn to wrap around. 8 and older. Brilliant Sky Toys and Learning Express. $29.99

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