Successful birthday parties don’t require flawless execution – often they’re just a mix of fun ideas. Here are a few things to consider.

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No-Fuss Party
Let someone else do the work! Many places offer party packages that include play time, a party room, cake and more. Take the kids bowling, skating, or to a trampoline park. Have fun at the nature center, zoo, aquarium, water park or pool, or a children’s museum. The possibilities are endless!

That’s Entertainment!
Bring the entertainment to you – hire a magician, puppeteer, bubble artist, princess or superhero; they’ll be the hit of the party. Rent a mobile petting zoo, game truck or bouncy house. It’s not as expensive as you might think.

Keep it Simple
Skip the party favors, or limit them to one small toy, bubbles and a piece of candy per child. Or make a take-home craft at the party.

No Gifts, Please
A party with friends, games and laughter is often enough to make a birthday special. Consider a “no gifts, just you” policy, or ask guests to bring a donation for a charity that’s special to your child – an animal shelter, food bank or children’s hospital.

Teaching Moments
Help your child learn to be thankful, and show it. Be sure he writes a note to each party guest, thanking them for their gift and for their friendship.

Count Down to the Big Day
Have a birthday countdown calendar and complete a couple of birthday party tasks each day until the big day occurs. Try not to wait until the last minute.

Let the Birthday Kid Decide
Get the birthday kid involved in planning. Parents may overlook how much fun kids have when planning their birthday parties. That’s your cue to have fun, too, and let go of nitpicky concerns.

Ask for Volunteers
Parents are usually eager to give a hand to help with crowd control.

Let it Go
Expect that not everything will go as planned. Don’t worry about it and let it go.

Keep Things Moving
Keep party games and activities going at a reasonable pace.

Have a “Quiet Spot”
Be sure there’s a calm area for children who become overwhelmed by the party’s noise and bustle.

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