Take a walk

Catch up on your child’s day by taking a walk together around the block or on a nature trail. Don’t want to stray too far? You can walk around your yard or house a couple of times or hit the stairs in your house, up and down 5-10 times. If you really want to go the distance, plan a hiking adventure. Kids can learn about nature and explore the scenery while getting physically fit.

Plan an active outing

Take your family fitness fun on the road with a trip to the zoo or a local park. You can visit your favorite place or explore a new one. Kids will have fun walking around and seeing the sights at these local attractions while getting in shape.

Cleaning the house

Kids who aren’t into sports or the outdoors can still feel the burn by helping mom keep the house spick and span. Assign active chores such as making the beds, washing the car or vacuuming. Make a game of it by seeing who can do the most housework the fastest.

Ride a bike

Organize a family bike ride through your neighborhood or a nearby park. Make the ride a little more interesting by racing to see who can reach a spot first.

Hit the playground

Your local play area is the perfect place for kids to burn extra energy and get some exercise at the same time. Children can climb on a jungle gym, play jump rope or hopscotch, or just run around.

Do a community service project

Community groups have tons of volunteer opportunities for families that are also great ways to get active. Pick up litter on a nearby road, clean up a local park, or help spruce up your own yard by raking leaves, mowing the lawn or planting flowers.

Go for a swim

Swimming can be a fun year-round activity for the whole family to enjoy. Head out to your neighborhood water spot (many community centers have indoor pools) and race in the lap pool or play a game of water volleyball.

Play active games

Look no farther than your own backyard for fun ways to get your kids moving. Spend an afternoon outside playing your child’s favorite games. Whether it’s tag or hide-and-seek, baseball or just jumping rope, active games are a great way to squeeze fitness into your daily routine.

Have a dance party

Put on some upbeat tunes and move to the music with your kids. Add to the fun by tossing a ball around, or stop the music and freeze, then start all over again.

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