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Best Things to Do Super Bowl Weekend in Atlanta

February 3, 2019

It is Super Bowl time once again, and this year the excitement is right in Atlanta at Mercedes-Benz Stadium! Don’t miss out on the fun just because of pricey tickets–there are other ways to celebrate.

Do you have a family of football fanatics? Atlanta is home to The College Football Hall of Fame, where you can learn about college football players, team history and much more through giant touch screens, a playing field and out-of-this-world displays.

What to do in Atlanta

Visitors will flock to our city, here is how to entertain the kids.

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Atlanta Events

Super Bowl Experience Driven by Hyundai: Fans can test football skills with the 3 Cone Drill, 4-Yard Dash and Broad Jump, get a photo with the Vince Lombardi Trophy, view all 52 Super Bowl rings and get NFL player autographs. Jan. 26-Feb. 2.

Super Bowl LIVE Presented by Verizon: Activate “Fam Jam” and compete in games, see NFL athletes compete in a nacho-making competition, strap on virtual reality goggles and pretend to drive a truck to Atlanta and more. Jan. 26-28 and 31; Feb. 1-2.

Game Day Programming. Children’s Museum of Atlanta. Planet Rock mini-musical, Tiny Football Combine, the science behind sports equipment and make your own pom-poms or jersey. Feb. 1-2. 

Celebrate From Home

Invite neighbors and friends over to watch the game. Set up a giant screen in the backyard with room for kids to run around in the background. Have a contest to see who can show up in the most decked-out team gear. Prepare a table with a sign to “get your game face on” with temporary tattoos, face paint and stickers.

Create a Touchdown Dance: Have kids create a dance in the background while adults are watching the game. At halftime, kids can perform the dances for the adults.

Craft Team Gear: Create coloring sheets on your computer with football-themed images (think jerseys or logos) or find some online and print. Have a kids’ table ready with markers, crayons and other decorations to make their own designs.

Halftime Bingo: Print out bingo sheets online for each child or adult playing. Instead of an x in the middle, you can put a picture of each team’s logo. During the first half, pass out the sheets and have players write in the boxes some of the things they expect to see during halftime such as band, commercials or cheerleaders. As the things they chose happen during halftime, players mark off the boxes. When a player gets five boxes in a row, they yell “touchdown” and win a prize.

Football Fun Dance: Play music and let kids show off their dance moves. The person playing the music suddenly stops it and calls out a football move: punt, pass or throw, etc. The players must mimic this move in the correct manner or get eliminated.

Backyard Football: During halftime or before the game starts, have two adults play “coaches” for the kids. The coaches can conduct drills such as throwing or punting a football. Hosting a small flag football game would also be a great way to let off energy and learn some of the rules of football.

Make Team Treats: Label this area “concessions” and fill a table full of football-themed foods.

Team Pretzels: Purchase a bag of pretzels and Wilton Candy Melts in the colors of your teamFill three microwave-safe bowls with the different colors and follow instructions to melt. Once melted, dip the pretzels in the individual colors and let cool and harden before serving.

Ice Cream Football Sandwiches: Purchase mini ice cream sandwiches, mini wooden spoons or popsicle sticks and white icing. Unwrap the sandwiches and pierce one end of the sandwich with a knife so the stick or spoon can be easily inserted. Pipe a football design down the middle of the sandwich and then place in the freezer until guests arrive.

Snack Stadium: Fill an aluminum baking pan with some sort of dip, most people use five-layer dip or guacamole for a green field, but you could also make buffalo chicken dip, cheese dip or Rotel dip. Surround this with plates of cut vegetables, crackers, chips, etc. for guests to dig into the center dip. For added fun, make goalposts with cheese sticks using toothpicks to keep them standing.


February 3, 2019