Mike’s Hot Dogs

Mike’s has been serving Chicago-style dogs since 1996 on Roswell Road in Atlanta, but also offers more than the original. The menu includes simple hot dog favorites and even a veggie dog. Our favorites include the Chicago dog and kids’ meal with choice of corn dog or original hot dog.

Skip’s Hot Dogs

No need to book a flight to the Windy City to try a fresh, Chicago-style hot dog in Avondale Estates. Order the Vienna-Style hot dog with requisite tomato, peppers, relish, pickles and mustard. Other toppings include ketchup, chili or cheese.

Doggy Dogg

This hot dog cart and brick and mortar location in Downtown Decatur is a favorite for intown hot dog eaters. Try the Hound Dog, a Tofurkey veggie dogg with guacamole, spicy onion relish, mayo, and fried onions or the Doxie, a beef dog with sauerkraut and spicy mustard. Also get a dog at the Grant Park Farmer’s Market, Emory Farmer’s Market, or East Atlanta Farmer’s Market.

The Original Hot Dog Factory

Try your hot dog steamed, grilled or fried at this creative hot dog spot, which offers everything from The Texas Rodeo, a bacon-wrapped hot dog topped with onion rings, to the Taco Dog with cheese, tomatoes, guacamole and tortilla chips at this hot dog place in Smyrna. The All American with ketchup, mustard, relish and onions or any of the more adventurous options are favorites. Kids’ menu includes a hot dog or corn dog, drink and a side.

Brandi’s World Famous Hot Dogs

Guests with cash in hand (no plastic accepted here) are often lined up when the door opens, but the food and old-time diner ambiance is worth a short wait. The chili dog is a favorite, but has a powerful punch. Add crisp coleslaw to top off your dog if the heat is too much, or go for a slaw dog without the chili. Locations in Marietta and Cartersville.

Top Hot Dog Places in Atlanta
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