Parents are faced with so many options when searching for the best school match for their child and family. Here are a few ways to be prepared.

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Think About the Entire Family

The right school is one that meets the needs of the entire family. Before any tour or school visit, it is essential to know your child’s passions and your family’s goals. Being open will allow for a deeper understanding of your family’s goals as it pertains to your family’s school search.

Reflect on Past Experiences

Parents can think back to when they were in school. What is your favorite school memory? What elements of your education do you hope to find in a school for your child? Through this reflection, you can create a framework for your family discussions.

Have Family Discussions

Talk about learning needs, share past experiences, and discuss what you imagine school could be like in the future. By talking about the past and future, families can establish goals and expectations before picking a new school. Conversation starter cards are provided in the guide and are perfect for carpool and dinner table discussions.

Unpack the information

What did you hear? What did you learn about your child and family? Were there any “ah-ha!” moments or surprises? Reflect on what you’ve learned; can you answer these questions?

  • What are my child’s values?
  • What are the unique aspects of my child’s personality?
  • What does my child need in order to have an ideal learning experience?
  • If my child’s needs were met, what would happen?

Picking the Best Match

Using your notes from family discussions, you can make a quick reference Point of View (POV) for your child to help guide your questions on tours and open houses. The POV will be your direct reference as you determine which school can meet the educational needs of your child and family.

Download this guide before your next tour to discover the best school match for your family.


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