Activity: Great American Campout

Start your “Great American Campout” by taking a hike around your back yard, neighborhood or local park. You can even collect fallen leaves, twigs or rocks to save for a fun nature craft in the future. Be sure to pack the diversity trail mix from the activity listed on June 19 and reward yourself with a snack along the way. 
When nighttime comes around, set up blankets in your back yard and go on a stargazing adventure or firefly chase. After that, lie inside your tent and be very quiet. Listen to all the noises you hear. What do you think they are? Crickets, frogs, cicadas or maybe even an owl? Count how many different animal sounds you hear and make a list. If you like what you hear, you can even buy a CD of frog and toad sounds from the Georgia Dept. of Natural Resources. 

Frogs of Georgia CD Available – Wildlife Resources Division

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