Activity: Scavenger Hunt in a Bottle

Scavenger hunts are fun for kids but can be troubling for parents with all that hiding and clue-making. This craft is a blast to make and will allow your child to partake in a scavenger hunt anywhere and anytime. In order to make this, you will need a water bottle, uncooked rice, and 10 miniature items that can be found in your house or arts and crafts drawer (rubber band, mini eraser, paper clip, coin, bead, button, safety pin, etc.). Start off by removing the label from your water bottle and pouring a scoop of dry rice into the bottle (you might want to use a funnel). Next, scatter a few of your small items on top of the rice and cover with another scoop of rice. Repeat this process until the water bottle is 3/4 filled. Cap securely. Be sure to make a list of all of the items you included in the water bottle for your child to check off as he finds the hidden treasures. After your child has found all the items in the bottle, shake it vigorously, ensuring that the items are completely hidden again and ready for another round of searching and finding. After your child is skilled, turn the hunt into a race against time, eventually challenging him to find the items faster than you.

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