School is out and every parent dreads the words “I have nooothing to doooo.” Atlanta Parent is here to help. From June 1 through Aug. 4, we'll post a different activity every day on Our “65 Days of Summer Fun” is also packed with prizes and deals from some of our favorite partners. So next time you hear that familiar whine, visit for fun ideas and activities great for the whole family.

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Activity: Raggedy Ann Salad

Entice your picky eaters with this fun way to get them to eat something green (or red or orange!).

What you will need:
peach halves
hard-boiled egg halves
celery or carrot sticks
string cheese
a cherry or strawberry

Lay the peach half on a plate as the body, then use the egg half as the head.  Arrange the carrot or celery sticks as the arms and legs and peel away pieces of string cheese for the hair.  Make the face using raisins for the eyes and nose and then a slice of cherry or strawberry for the mouth.

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