Make bath time fun for baby and easier for mom with these new products.

Prince Lionheart BathMat. You can stick this this puzzle-like bath mat in the bottom of the tub, and it will help prevent slips and falls during bath time. It is also antimicrobial and easy to clean. Available at $15

Boon Star. This drain cover will keep all of the water in during bath time, but also cover the hard drain when baby is sitting.  Available at for $8.99.

Tubby Bath Organizer. Once all the fun in the tub is done, put the toys away in this handy organizer from Skip Hop. This container is made of mesh and neoprene so toys can dry and remain mildew free. Available at for $20.

Puj Tub. Keeping your kid, and your knees and back, in a comfortable position for a bath can be hard. This product cradles the baby’s body
while he lies down, and the best part is that it saves you from back pain. For newborns to 6 months, or up to 17 lbs. Available at $44.99.

Moby & Ducky. Protect their noggins from the faucet spout with these with these sleek and colorful covers. Moby and Ducky are made from
soft, tough rubber that is mildew resistant and dishwasher safe. Available at for $13.

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