Suggestions for Successful Consignment & Resale Shopping

  • Consignment shopping is like treasure hunting – the extra effort is worth the prize.
  • Allow time for browsing.
  • If you see something you like – buy it! It might not be there later.
  • Shop regularly – inventory changes frequently.
  • Bring your child for fitting – returns are often not allowed.
  • If toting your tot or tween is not an option – buy it anyway – it won’t be an expensive mistake. Plus, you can always re-consign it.
  • Looking for a specific size/item? Ask a salesperson. If they can’t find it, they will keep an eye out for it and call you when it comes in.
  • Find a favorite store – good customers often receive perks and discounts.
  • Develop a relationship with a store’s owner and salespersons. Set a goal to work with a store owner/manager you enjoy dealing with.
  • Examine websites and blogs for consignment shopping and selling tips and much more. Just three sites to get you rolling:;;

Clues for Consigning Your Child’s Clothing

  • Visit local consignment stores and their websites to find the right fit for you.
  • Review the store’s consignment policies – each store is different!
  • Compare payment percentages with other stores’ offers – you may be surprised!
  • Check for seasonal start dates.
  • Review the store’s list of clothing brands accepted.
  • Presentation counts. Choose the nicest, cutest, cleanest items.
  • Select items that are currently in style and fit the store’s requirements.
  • Examine your clothing for stains, rips, missing buttons, stuck zippers, smells and other flaws – these items will not be accepted.
  • Launder and press clothing (if needed).
  • If an item or outfit contains more than one piece, pin and label pieces together.
  • Lay clothing items flat in a plastic laundry bin – stores do not want clothing on hangers or in bags.
  • Review the hours when clothing is accepted. (Can you drop-off or must you stay there?)
  • Make an appointment, if required – first-time consignors will usually require extra time.
  • Review “consignment agreement” when at the store.
  • Know the date you will need to pick up any of your consigned items that do not sell (if, that is, you want it returned). Write that date on your calendar! (Clothing not picked up is donated.)

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