Finding the right preschool for your child can be a daunting and overwhelming task. With so many factors to consider, it can be difficult to narrow down your options. From safety and facility cleanliness to curriculum and extracurriculars, it’s important to choose a school that both nurtures and challenges your preschooler. So how can you be sure which school is right for your family? Here are some things to consider when making your final decision.


Out of all the factors that go into choosing a preschool, facility safety is one that simply cannot be overlooked or compromised. Ask about the school’s security features, emergency procedures, and any other safety measures that will protect your preschooler. A school that offers live camera viewing of all classrooms can give you peace of mind and accountability. Make sure the preschool you choose is up to date on their licenses and certifications, and ask how they plan to accommodate any allergies or special needs your child might have.

Teacher-Child Ratio

Ask about the teacher to child ratio and the size of each class. You can rest assured knowing schools are required to adhere to the state’s laws, but a chaotic classroom means less attention for your child. Therefore, if your child wants or needs extra help or attention, look for a smaller class size. If your child will thrive in a busier environment with lots of children, you may feel comfortable with a larger class size. Make sure the staff and teachers are friendly and mesh well with other families you come in contact with.


Each school might have a different approach to how they teach, from their mission statement and learning philosophy to the day-to-day lessons and activities they incorporate in the classroom. Your child should be challenged academically, socially and emotionally with kindergarten readiness in mind, but also allowed enough free play time to learn and explore on his own. As you learn about the various learning styles among each preschool, you may realize your child meshes better with one over the others.


Check with neighbors and friends to gain a parental perspective of the preschool you are considering. While every child’s needs are different, it will be comforting to know those you trust hold the facility in high regard. What do they love about the school? What are some of their concerns? You can even consult a referral agency such as AdvancED or NAEYC to find a list of accredited preschools in your area.

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