Travel to Chattanooga’s riverfront and visit all kinds of species from lemurs to river giants at the Chattanooga, Tenn. Aquarium.

Up-Close with Oceans and Rivers

The Tennessee Aquarium’s design provides an opportunity to feel as though you are scuba diving or trekking through their exhibits. The Aquarium is separated into two sections: River Journey and Ocean Journey, both showcasing the deep underwater worlds of rivers and oceans. Explore the Appalachian Cove Forest and River Giants. In the Ocean Journey, dive into the world of jellyfish, sharks, octopus, sea turtles and Stingray Bay with over 100 feet of stingray touching areas.

Variety of Species

Visitors have a chance to meet dozens of interesting species not typically seen in an aquarium setting. A favorite is the River Otter Falls, full of playful otters who climb, slide and show off tricks in the water. The Gentoo and Macaroni Penguin area and the Alligator Bayou are also fun stops. The Lemur Forest is a must-see, with red-ruffed and ring-tailed lemurs leaping around the enclosure. The Tennessee Aquarium also has a year-round butterfly garden with collections from Asia, Africa, South and Central America. 

Tennessee Aquarium App

The Aquarium has its very own free app–powered by Tennessee Tech University. Download the app on Android or iPhone, and see exclusive videos when you are near certain animals or exhibits. You will learn how crocodiles get fed or how butterflies emerge from a chrysalis. Adults can check in on IMAX showtimes and ticket information. You can also download “Boogie!” the Tennessee Aquarium’s digital children’s book.

Sleepover at the Aquarium

During Sleep in the Deep, families can sleep alongside sharks, eels and thousands of fish. It gives kids and adults a behind-the-scenes look into aquarium careers and upkeep. All sleepovers include guided tours, an evening snack, critter encounter and breakfast. Family sleepovers are only offered four times per year, so make sure to plan ahead and coincide your trip with one of the dates. See website for schedule and to register.

Also look for:

Small Fry Programs, Aquarium Adventures, Nature Nuts and more to enhance your visit. Learn more about these programs by visiting the website and looking under “Family Programs.” 

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