Four Ways to Observe Grandparent’s Day

by Kate Parrott

September 9 is Grandparent's Day, a sometimes-overlooked holiday not well-known as largely as Mother's and Father's Day. But with more than 2 million grandparents in United States who help to raise grandchildren, there is reason to celebrate the positive impact they make on a child's life. Grandma and Grandpa are deep with wisdom and provide a priceless family dynamic. Honor their contributions this Sunday. Here a few ideas how to do it:


Host a luncheon

It doesn’t have to be fancy, and it can definitely be affordable. Make some tearoom-style snacks, such as cucumber and chicken salad sandwiches, and invite grandma and grandpa over to dine on the patio. The kids can send out homemade invitations a week in advance, and also create decorative placemats and name cards.

Get to Know Their Pasts

Older children can get to know their grandparents’ pasts by holding an “interview” with them. Have your kids prepare a list of questions, including everything from where they were born and how they met to what life was like raising you. Grandma and grandpa will appreciate the interest in their lives, and your kids will have the opportunity to bond with them.

Make a Mini Scrapbook

Skip the store-bought card this year and have the kids create a small scrapbook. (This is an especially great gift to mail to out-of-town grandparents.) The book can be purchased at a craft store or even made by stapling several sheets of construction paper together. Include photos, pressed flowers from the back yard and handwritten notes recalling special times together.

Visit a Nursing Home

Not all kids have grandparents, or if they do, perhaps they are ill and require a form of assisted living. If that’s the case, visit your local nursing home. Spend the day with grandma or grandpa by eating in the cafeteria, taking part in their day-to-day routines and simply keeping them company. If your kids don’t have grandparents, prepare a basket full of homemade cards to distribute. The residents are sure to appreciate the warm gesture, even if you and your kids are strangers to them.

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