Here are Atlanta Parent’s picks for fun board games that also teach letters and numbers or hone memory, strategy and even engineering skills.

First Games

eeBoo I Never Forget a Face Matching Game: See that kid with the red hair or the girl with the African bead necklace? Now find a card that matches them. Twenty-four pairs of faces to match helps kids develop memory skills. Ages 3 and older. $16.99

Richard Scarry’s Busytown, Eye Found It: This board game from Wonder Forge sends kids on a quest for hidden objects with a mission to take food items from Picnic Island before pigs can consume them. Ages 3 and older. $24.99

The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game: Kids have fun while developing matching and sorting skills and strategic thinking with this Educational Insights game. Take a turn on the spinner, pick up the same colored acorn with Squirrel Squeezers and put it on your log; first to collect five acorns wins. Ages 3 and older. $19.99

Seek-A-Boo Game from MindWare: Build vocabulary and improve memory with this fun matching game. Peek at a card in the “seek me” circle, then find it in the “find me” square. Ages 1 and older. $24.99

Thinkfun Roll and Play Board Game: Toddlers toss the plush cube, then choose a card that matches the color on the cube that faces up. They perform the activity on the card, such as “roar like a lion.” The game has no winners and losers, but everybody has fun. Ages 18 months and older. $19.99

Younger Kids

Bugs in the Kitchen: Players try to capture the HEXBUG nano scurrying all over the board. Each player rolls the die, then turns a utensil to lure the bug to his trap. The winner is the first to collect five bug tokens. Ages 6 and older. $29.99

Qwirkle from MindWare: Players build lines by matching tiles based on color or shape to score points; more complex combinations lead to a higher score. Ages 6 and older. $34.99

Friends and Neighbors: The Helping Game: This matching game from Peaceable Kingdom helps kids develop and recognize empathy and compassion and learn what it means to be helpful. Players draw tokens and try to match them with someone who has a need. Ages 3 and older. $15.99

Sequence for Kids: This board game from Jax teaches strategy, and even kids who can’t read can play. Play a card from your hand, then place a chip on a game board space; get four chips in a row to win. Watch out, other players can block you with a dragon card. Ages 4-7. $12.99

Willy’s Wiggly Web, the Scissors Cutting Game: Work with other players to free bugs from Willy’s Web before the spider falls from the top of the web. Free the bugs and everyone wins in this game from Peaceable Kingdom. Ages 3-6. $15.99

Zingo – Bingo with a Zing: Be the first player to shout Zingo! by matching pictures and words in this fast-paced game that builds language skills. Ages 4-10. $19.99

Older Kids

Carcassonne Board Game: This tile-laying game requires skill, strategy and a little luck. Players develop the areas around the French city of Carcassonne, which is noted for its medieval fortifications. The player with the most successful development wins. Ages 8 and older. $34.99

Imhotep Builder of Egypt: Players become ancient architects, using stone blocks to build at five construction sites while keeping their opponents from building. Ages 10 and older. $39.95

Maze Racers: Each player or team starts to build a maze as quickly as possible; the first to finish shouts, “Ready to race.” The other player or team must complete a maze in one minute, then the players swap boards and try to get a ball through the maze before the other player or team does. Ages 8 and older. $39.99

Ticket to Ride: Players take a cross-country train adventure with this board game, and compete to see which player can travel to the most cities in North America. Players draw cards and collect miniature train cars to use different railway routes on the board. Ages 8 and older. $34.99

Ubongo: Puzzle-solving skills are a must for this fast-paced game in which players use tiles to fill in empty spaces on a puzzle board. First to finish gets to draw a gem at random from a bag and is also awarded a blue gem; second place gets an amber gem, and each gem has an assigned value. At the end of the game, the player with the highest score in gems wins. Ages 8 and older. $39.99

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