My Turn to Learn Colors (other books in series are Shapes, Opposites and Numbers) by Natalie Marshall (LB Kids, $6.99)
As you might expect, this board book is beyond colorful. Big orange carrots, bright yellow lemons, greener-than-green peas and more teach babies to recognize colors and shapes. These durable books have tabbed edges and thick, strong pages that are easy for baby to turn.  – Amanda Allen

Sassy: Baby Loves Color and Baby’s World: A First Book of Senses (Penguin Young Readers Group, $6.99 each)
These fun board books with bold colors and black-and-white patterns will be a hit with the crawling set. The color book associates everyday objects for fun early learning. The senses book gives baby a chance to touch, smell and see. These durable board books are just two in a series from Sassy. – Sherry Crawley 

Touch, Think, Learn: Opposites by Xavier Deneux (Handprint Book, an imprint of Chronicle Books, $14.99)
This book teaches babies opposite concepts such as “full” and “empty,” and “high” and “low,” and invites them to touch with its scooped-out die-cuts with raised shapes. Feel the “caged” lion and the “free” lion, and more. Also recommended in the series: Touch, Think, Learn: Colors. – AA

You Are My Baby: Farm by Lorena Siminovich (Chronicle Books, $8.99)
This board book, and another in the series, You Are My Baby: Safari, are really two books in one: Turn the big pages to see the adult animal and the smaller ones to see the “baby” – a calf, piglet, chick, lamb or foal. You’ll be charmed. – AA

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