Help ease teething pain or add comfort with these products.

The Pop

A pacifier has never been this clean – the special design of this bright, pacifier pops close when dropped on the ground. The silicone, self-protective bubble comes to the rescue the second it is dropped. Available for $9.99.

Sophie the Giraffe

She is a classic, pretty much found at every baby shower or on any wish list, for good reason. The angles allow so many ways for baby to grab and chew to help ease teething pain. She is made of 100 percent natural plant dyes and rubber, so no need to worry about baby chewing on something harmful. Available at most major retailers for around $25.

Fun Ice Foot and Hand Chewy Teethers

Refrigerate or cool these easy-to-grip packs to help with teething pain. They are BPA-free and have multiple surfaces for chewing and for small hands to hold. Available for $2.50 each.

MAM Pacifiers

These pacifiers are anatomically correct, adapting to baby’s mouth so the pacifier is always in the proper position. They are made of soft silicone and have an open shield around the edge for good air flow. Available at most major retailers for $5-$6.

Loulou Lollipop Teethers

French fries, donut and even bubble tea – these cute teethers are whimsical and have many crevices for baby to chew upon. They are made of soft silicone and clip right onto baby’s clothes so they don’t get lost. Available for $14-$26.

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