American Girl Store Atlanta

Doll-loving little girls across Atlanta are lucky. They have access to an amazing American Girl Store in Alpharetta’s North Point Mall. Take one step inside and it’s hard not to say, “Oooh, ahhh.” It’s truly a young girl’s paradise with clothes, accessories, doll houses, a bistro, a hair salon and, of course, tons of dolls. Now, parents might be saying “Oooh ahhh” about the prices too. We’re not going to lie: American Girl dolls (and all of their paraphernalia) are not cheap. But once you get over the sticker shock (and explain to your little girl that she can’t have one of each!), then the American Girl Store near Atlanta can be a fun experience for kids and parents. Here are some tips for navigating this girly world.

Choosing Your American Girl Doll

Since the selection of dolls is huge, try browsing the website before stepping into the store. You will not only find dolls that look different from each other but different categories of dolls as well. AG has “Girl of the Year” dolls, historical characters, Bitty Baby Dolls, Truly Me Dolls (that look like their owner), boy dolls, WellieWishers (a group of girls who will soon have their own TV show) and even an option to “Create Your Own” Doll. Most of the dolls have a book that comes with them. Luciana, the current girl of the year, is super into science and wants to be an astronaut. 2017’s Girl of the Year Gabriela is a poet, dancer and singer. A doll and book costs about $115. For kids just starting out in the American Girl world, a Bitty Baby is a great first doll. They run around $60 and include a sleeper and a birth announcement parents can print from the website.

Even if you don’t think you will purchase a “Create Your Own” Doll (which can be around $200), designing your doll on the website is a fun activity for kids. They get to pick their doll’s face, eye color, hair style, clothes and can even add things like a hearing aid or braces.

Accessorizing Your American Girl Doll

If you thought the American Girl Store just had doll clothes, you would be mistaken. They have so many doll clothes (and human clothes that match the dolls’ clothes!) plus backpacks, shoes, hair accessories, and purses. Those are just things to outfit your doll. Little girls can also stock up on things like strollers, doll houses, beds and high chairs. Your American Girl doll can even have its own pet.

Lunching with Your American Girl Doll

Don’t have a doll yet but want to dine in the famed bistro? No problem. The store has loaner dolls for customers to use. Dolls have special seats that attach to the tables. Visitors to the bistro can choose from brunch, afternoon tea, lunch, or dinner. The food itself will surprise you; it’s not theme-park, touristy type fare. The AG Bistro offers fondue, herb-roasted salmon, Asian chicken salad and tic-tac-toe pizza. Obviously, a trip to the bistro warrants dessert. Choose from shakes, fizzy floats, frozen treats and chocolate mousse. Can’t decide? Order the sampler with cookies, cupcakes, and heart-shaped brownies. It is a good idea to make reservations, especially on weekends and around the holidays.

Grooming your American Girl Doll

The salon with the little doll chairs might just be the cutest thing ever. Little girls go gaga watching their doll get pampered and styled. Not only does the AG store give your doll an amazing do (think waterfall curls, braided pigtails and double decker pony tails), but they even offer nail polishing, ear piercing and spa services like face scrubbing -not joking: the dolls get to wear cucumbers on their eyes! Just like the bistro, it is best to make reservations for the salon.

Celebrating at the American Girl Store

What could be more fabulous than a birthday party at the American Girl Store? Packages include a meal at the bistro, cake, ice cream, goody bags and wait for it…doll tiaras. The American Girl Atlanta location also holds special events like “The Doll Hair Salon Spectacular,” where girls can learn to style their doll’s hair, and the “WellieWishers Tea Party.”

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