If you have a preschooler in your family, chances are you’ve been asked about the weather — why does it rain? What is thunder? Why does it get cold in the winter and hot in the summer? It’s easy to offer children the simplest explanation possible when it comes to these questions, but the concept of weather is a perfect topic to explore with little ones and lends itself to lots of family fun!

Children learn best when they can see, touch, smell, hear and even taste something. Weather is full of sensory experiences for children to explore, like the feeling of rain on their skin, the sound of wind in the trees or the changing colors and textures of leaves in fall. Because of this, it is easy to create meaningful learning experiences around weather for your child.

Here are some ideas to take learning about weather to the next level for your little scientist:

Make it relatable.

Start each day by peeking out the window with your little one to observe the weather, then discuss what you see. Ask your child questions to encourage observation: Is it sunny or raining? Is it foggy or clear? If it’s windy, talk about how you’ll need a coat before going outdoors, or if it’s sunny, point out that your child might need a hat. By learning how the weather relates to them, children begin to understand it better.

Read all about it.

Books can help open your child’s eyes to many different aspects of weather, especially conditions that aren’t regularly experienced in Atlanta, like snow. Try some of the following:

Make it fun.

Do a weather-related art activity together, like creating a “storm in a cup,” or making a rainy-day picture using cotton balls for clouds, small paper cut-outs for rain drops and aluminum foil for lightning and puddles. Have your child make up a rainy-day story to go along with the picture.

Teach weather safety.

As you explore weather with your child, take the opportunity to explain the importance of safety. Ask questions like, “What do we do in a thunderstorm?” or “How can we be careful around ice?” and explain the proper safety measures to help young children be more prepared for potentially dangerous weather situations. Find more tips, games and resources for teaching preschoolers about safety here.

The next time your little one asks about the weather, use one of these easy-to-do ideas to make the most of her curiosity — you’re sure to rediscover the magic of weather and have lots of fun together along the way!

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