These cute place cards will bring fun and whimsy to your Thanksgiving table.

Turkey Leg Place Card

This craft from Fiskars is possibly the cutest, kid-friendly place card ever. You’ll need some small brown paper bags, pinking shears, white cardstock, a stapler and stick-on letters from the craft store. Stuff the leg with newspaper to get the correct shape, but the website also suggests hiding a bag of treats inside. Perfect if you have a children’s table at your meal. Google Thanksgiving kids’ table for the Fiskars site for full instructions.

Rosemary Sprig Place Cards

Add some notes of rosemary to the already mouthwatering smells wafting through your house on Thanksgiving day. These elegant cards are so simple that children can easily lend a hand. If you prefer a more playful look, let the kids write the names in colorful crayon. Teri at suggests folding your napkins with a pocket for the place cards. On the site, search Rosemary Sprig Place Cards for full instructions.

Thanksgiving Teepee Place Holders

This craft is slightly more complicated but the cute factor is off the scale. You’ll need ice cream cones, vanilla frosting pretzel sticks, fabric and sticky mailing labels, but when you’re done you’ll have an unusual and edible (after you remove the fabric) place holder. Blogger Liz Stanley at shared this on On the site, search Teepee Place Holder for full instructions.

Pilgrim Hat Place Cards

Pilgrim hats as decor at Thanksgiving is nothing new, but the use of shiny black plastic cups elevates this craft. A construction paper ring is slid over the top for a brim and a gold accent is added. Use a metallic paint pen to write the names, or have your kids do it in white crayon.

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