The SAE School

6888 Mableton Parkway, Mableton
Phone: 678-239-3200

The SAE School is a Science, Arts, and Entrepreneurship School consisting of a community of educators and stakeholders who believe students should have a safe, innovative, and rigorous educational experience. Students are prepared to be the leaders, innovators, and influencers of their generation. The School’s purpose is to discover, nurture, and protect each child’s individual academic journey. Learning is brought to life through engaging, project-based initiatives, personalized for each individual learning style.

A premium preschool program is offered in addition to the kindergarten through 8th grade classes, which provide a progressive learning environment for each age. If you are looking for affordable tuition, small class sizes and a safe school environment, experience The SAE School on a personal tour and see how they could be the best fit. The School also offers life-coaching groups for kindergarten through 8th grade classes and in-house holiday and school break camps.

Visit to learn more or call 678-239-3200 to schedule a tour.