Springmont School

5750 Long Island Drive NW, Atlanta
Phone: 404-252-3910

As the oldest Montessori school in the Southeast, Springmont offers students 18 months through Middle School hands-on, experiential learning in a thoughtfully-prepared environment that includes multiaged classes, specially-designed materials and highly-experienced teachers who guide students' curiosity towards meaningful discoveries. Classrooms are large, light-filled and aesthetically pleasing while the outdoor campus with its many natural areas, class gardens and farm animals afford rich outdoor science lessons. Opportunities to build skills through collaboration, inquiry and presentation help students develop socially, emotionally and academically.

Springmont’s Middle School prepares students for success in Atlanta’s premier high schools as well as life beyond academics. Students run micro-economies, participate in internships, and compete in regional academic competitions. Opportunities to hone time-management skills, experience active leadership roles, articulate complex ideas, and work both independently and in diverse groups allow students to become engaged learners. Springmont School – Extraordinary by Design. Learn more at springmont.com