Have a Bashery

Phone: 781-249-2459
Contact Email: Haveabashery1@gmail.com

Have A Bashery, Creative Parties & Enrichment provides engaging, child-centered activities for birthday parties and events that bring people together for fun, learning, and making memories. Our mission is to inspire your child’s creative sense — at home, in their backyard, at their favorite park, or even, at their school!

Our parties are complete with planned and organized games, themes, crafts and goody bags for your child’s special day. You get to enjoy the party with your family and friends, and celebrate the occasion while your child creates, role plays and has a blast with their friends!

You pick the date, time, location and theme and confirm the number of guests. We bring supplies, materials, games, crafts, activities, staff, and the goodie bags, custom tailored to your theme. Then we put on your party for 2 hours and orchestrate the entire celebration!

Beyond the Birthday Party, parents also love our ongoing Enrichment Program that engages young children throughout the school year or summer, adding an educational dimension to their craft-making and creations — whether it be our themes centered on Space, Dinosaurs, or The Butterfly Cycle, our Enrichment Program will inspire your children to connect with the world in meaningful ways.