Science Akadémeia, The Atlanta Preschool of Science

9550 Nesbit Ferry Rd., Alpharetta
Phone: 770-282-6891

Science Akademéia is a full-day, year-round preschool program for children ages 2-6, providing a high-quality early science education in a fun, caring, and visually stimulating environment. Children receive the tools to cultivate their innate curiosity while building a foundation for math, art, technology, language, and literacy. The development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills helps children discover and understand the world around them and develops a scientific thinking process that will last a lifetime. After-school care is available for elementary-age students.

During the summer, Science Akademéia camps offer STEM activities including coding, robotics, tutorials, science experiments and more for ages 3-12. Experience a head start to 21st-century learning!