Family Martial Arts

5920 Roswell Rd., Ste 205
Sandy Springs
Phone: 404-256-4400

Hey Parents In Sandy Springs!

Why drop your kids off at an expensive, boring daycare when they can make memories that last a lifetime at Family Martial Arts?

Your kids will enjoy a fun day of activities while making friends and gaining social skills ALL in just one low cost week of camp!

  • Karate Day Camp For Kids Age 4 - 14 Years Old
  • Free Early Drop Off & Free Late Pick Up 7:30am - 6:30pm
  • Activities Change Every Hour For Maximum FUN
  • Over 100+ Happy Parents & Happy Campers!

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Keep Your Kids Happy, Healthy, And Safe With Fun Virtual Karate Classes!

During your Virtual Semi-Private Karate Class we'll go over our ABC's!

Attitude - A positive mindset is the foundation to establishing resiliency in your child.

Behavior - Develop traits of respect and courtesy, which equips kids for success in and out of classroom.

Confidence - Karate serves as a model for children; creating a space where children become equipped in confidence, goal setting, and perseverance.

This isn't JUST Karate...Your child will benefit from these ABC's for a lifetime to reach ANY type of goal!

In our LIVE Zoom classes, students will have fun learning their first punch and first kick while at the same time understanding the step by step process to setting and achieving goals through self-discipline. Kids will build a strong character that will lead them to making positive choices and decisions.

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