Montessori In Town

1192 Arkwright Place SE, Atlanta
Phone: 404-784-1038

Founded in 2005, Montessori In Town is proud to serve Atlanta's vibrant and diverse in-town community. Children aged 14 months to 12 years are offered the very best learning environment in a respectful atmosphere where differences are celebrated and respect is a cornerstone of our everyday work.

Our AMI-trained staff is dedicated to quality education and the partnership between home and school—guiding students to become peaceful, productive, and creative members of society. Our graduates have gone on to thrive at local private and public schools, and beyond.

Montessori In Town’s close-knit community is what sets us apart.  There are plenty of opportunities for families to get to know one another and be involved in school activities. We recognize the need for young families to have a sense of community within this modern highly-mobile society. Our school aims to be the “village” it takes to support you in the valuable, but often challenging, work of raising a productive, happy, creative, and resilient child.