Capstone Academy

1934 Cliff Valley Way, Atlanta
Phone: 404-458-5150

Capstone Academy is a private school serving grades 5-12 with an innovative, successful model changing young lives since 2007. At Capstone Academy, teachers encourage all of their students to become lifelong learners by instilling academic curiosity, respect for others, and accountability to core values. College-prep academics are at the honors level and above in high school and advanced levels in the middle grades. Using superior content and proven methods, students cultivate subject mastery, critical thinking skills and ownership of knowledge. Capstone is a school whose structure works best for students who desire the camaraderie of a classroom setting but require a flexible schedule to pursue outside interests and quality family time. Courses exceed standards while meeting three days a week. This is accomplished without sacrificing learning and eliminates the wasted time and stress of a traditional school schedule. The core belief at Capstone Academy is that students who are balanced and understand their own power, can explore their education and pursue their passions with authenticity.

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