Sleepovers & Co.

Phone: 256-454-6786

Sleepovers & Co., established in 2017, is a luxury sleepovers and events company based in Atlanta, GA.   We believe healthy relationships and positive memories are key factors in living a happy and fulfilled life. That is why we create safe and unique spaces where real-life connections can be made. Our mission is simple: friendship and memories. We turn timeless traditions into magical experiences. 

Whether you are celebrating a birthday, bride, mother to be, or anniversary, getting together with your favorite girl gang or simply want to see the look on all their faces. Sleepovers & Co. guarantees an Instagram-worthy event. Our services include our signature Magical Sleepover Experience enjoyed with our A-frame tents or without. Our Daydreamer Experience for parties not lasting overnight, or you can pair any event with our 5m Bella Tent Experience all in the comfort of your own home.

Sleepovers & Co. would like to invite you to your own event with our stress-free style party planning. We come to your home or venue the day of your event and transform your space into a theme come true. We can customize any theme to honor your guest of honor or organization. The possibilities are endless.

​And yes, we've thought of everything. We have great relationships with local vendors and will assist you in making your event leave a lasting impression on many or create an intimate, relationship-building environment for fewer guests that is all your own.

​The best part is the next day when we return and pack it all away leaving only unforgettable memories when we go.

Reserve your magical memories with a 50% deposit with Sleepovers & Co. today! Book early to avoid disappointment. Dates are subject to availability. Email: