Frazer Center

1815 S. Ponce de Leon Avenue, Atlanta
Phone: 404-377-3836

Nestled in a 39-acre old-growth forest in the Candler Park/Lake Claire/Druid Hills community, the Frazer Center’s Child Development Program is NAEYC accredited and recognized in the community as a high-quality, inclusive program serving children from birth to five years old.

At Frazer, children with and without disabilities learn and grow side by side through the play-based Creative Curriculum®.

All children benefit from being in an inclusive environment with instruction that addresses their individual uniqueness and developmental stages. Children without disabilities develop an appreciation for individual differences while engaging in peer tutoring and strengthening their own skills such as empathy, acceptance, and patience. Children with disabilities are inspired by their peers and achieve better learning and behavioral outcomes than those in non-inclusive programs, according to research.

Frazer’s Inclusion Specialists coordinate a team of support for each child with a disability. Parents, teachers, administrators, and therapists all come to the table with the common goal of fostering the child’s development.

Additionally, the Frazer Forest serves as a unique outdoor classroom for all the children. Frazer Center is in the midst of developing a forest-based curriculum that complements the Creative Curriculum® already at play in our classrooms.

For more information, visit our website, or contact Susie Riddick, Child Development Program Director, at