Anastasia’s Atlanta Bubble Show

Phone: 404-547-3867

Having  Anastasia Atlanta Bubble Show come to your kids birthday party is a big hit! Your child will remember this party for years!

It’s unlike any other party! You have never seen a bubble show like this before!

Anastasia Atlanta Bubble Show will  turn  your child’s  Birthday Party into a  real fairy-tale experience.  Everyone will be immersed in a fascinating world where thousands of magic bubbles  shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow. See bubbles of unusual shapes, from tiny to gigantic sizes, huge soap trails and funny dancing bubbles, bubbles that bounce and float inside other bubbles, smoky bubbles and incredible fire volcanoes, bubble flowers and unique bubble cake that you can blow out!

Every child will even get a chance to make a wish inside of a Giant Bubble!   Become a magician and learn how to make soap bubbles using just your hands.

Such a performance will be a wonderful gift for any children's event - from birthday to graduation. Vivid emotions await everyone!

You will have an unforgettable holiday experience.  A soap bubble show is magic that blurs the line between miracle and reality!

Great entertainment is hard to find, unless you look in the right place! This professional bubble show by Anastasia proves that bubbles are fun for everyone!

Instagram : atlantabubbleshow