Sage School

2435 Tech Center Pkwy. NE
Phone: 678-318-3588

Learning how to learn is one of the greatest gifts a child can receive. At Sage School, students are presented with tools and strategies to unlock the code of English language. Language instruction and Orton-Gillingham remediation form the core of the education of a Sage School student. The instruction is multi-sensory, direct and explicit.

Orton-Gillingham remediation, the best education a student with dyslexia can receive, is a multi-sensory approach to teaching children to read and write. While the approach at Sage School is structured, sequential, and cumulative, it is also individualized to meet the needs of the learner. Rather than rote learning, instructors address the language cognitively, teaching students how language works.

A Sage School classroom provides individualized instruction to meet the students’ needs in the areas of encoding, spelling, handwriting, written expression, vocabulary and reading comprehension. Learn more about Sage and schedule a tour today at