The Walker School New Avenues Dyslexia Program

700 Cobb Pkwy N, Marietta
Phone: 770-427-2689

The Walker School New Avenues Dyslexia Program serves children in grades 1-5 with dyslexia who have above average academic aptitude and a strong desire to fulfill their educational goals. Specialized classroom spaces and Orton-Gillingham certified teachers focus on each student’s unique gifts to close the gap between cognitive potential and academic achievement. New Avenues provides opportunities for remediation and repetition with an emphasis on connected learning. Students are immersed in Walker’s college-preparatory environment, participating in co-curricular classes, lunch, recess and after-school activities with their grade-level peers. At Walker, students are supported, engaged and known, making it a perfect school for families with varied learning needs.; 770-427-2689.