International Montessori Academy

1240 Euclid Avenue, Atlanta
Phone: 404-474-6375

Ms. Zaki Swaray-Rowe founded the International Montessori Academy in response to a desire from Candler Park families to create a culturally diverse and enriching Montessori school with international standards of academic excellence in their neighborhood. Our community of children and families is unique as there are more than twenty nationalities represented among our families and staff. The Montessori environments at IMA are specifically designed to support each child's independence and passions and the curriculum ensures the child's progression through math, language, geography, arts, sciences, and sciences through an enticing and scientifically proven method. Our program creates a framework for children to grow while acquiring knowledge about and learning to value different cultures of the world. We foster this growth with a Spanish-speaker in each classroom and by featuring monthly cultural presentations.