Rock Springs Park Playground

550 Rock Springs Road, Lawrenceville
Phone: 770-237-5647

Features: The vast playground is separated into two distinct areas. One structure is for smaller children, with small steps leading up for easy access to the slides, musical features (chimes that my daughter, 18 months, enjoys) and more. This structure also has a section where young children can run and play underneath. My daughter, really liked going up and down the incremental steps built into the area for younger kids; they are like natural building blocks and I think she enjoyed the challenge. A large set of swings has seats in varying sizes, to accommodate a wide range of kids.

The other structure, for the older set, is more adventurous; big kids can enjoy everything from a daring, high boulder walk to a complex monkey bars section. Some awnings in the playground help parents and kids tolerate the sun on the hottest days. A wide and paved multi-purpose path that’s two miles long appeals to families, joggers and cyclists alike. You’ll go over an exciting suspension bridge and at one point you’ll come to Lotus Pond. There’s plenty to explore, from fallen trees to mossy patches of rocks, near this path that winds through a former horse pasture.

Amenities: Rock Springs Park includes a pavilion that’s great for such things as birthday parties and Scout activities. Restrooms are conveniently located. Adjacent to the pavilion is a medium-size field, ideal for playing games. Lighted tennis courts and a football field with a walking track are also part of this park complex.

The park is open from sunrise until 11 p.m.

– Melissa M. Cruz