Kenwood Park Playground

Ga. Hwy. 279, Fayetteville
Phone: 770-716-4320

You want to work out. The kids want to go to the park. Where can you go? The answer is Kenwood Park, the largest park in Fayette County, with 172 acres of play space.

Features: In the playground area, it has two sets of playing equipment, for younger and older kids, although the children run back and forth playing on both sets. A beautifully shaded and paved trail is another option. The .9-mile trail allows beautiful views of nature. It is great for the family that wants to exercise together.

A track circles the soccer field, and you’re able to run, fly kites or play all types of field activities. Swinging benches around the track are for catching a cool breeze and keeping an eye on the children. There is always space to do an activity. Throw the tricycles, balls, kites and skates in the car or bring nothing – there’s plenty of play equipment. If you want to run back and forth on a field while doing sack races or run while the kids ride their wheels, this is the park for you.

Amenities: On the grounds are basketball, tennis and sand volleyball courts; a track; a soccer field; a .9-mile trail; pavilions and picnic areas; geocaching with several locations throughout the park. Plenty of parking is available. Everything is accessible by paved walkways. The rest rooms and water fountains are clean and well placed throughout the park.

– Tracy Joyner