The Bias Adjuster

1 West Court Square, Suite 750, Decatur
Phone: 404-494-7894

The Bias Adjuster, LLC. is a consulting and research company. We specialize in diversity training and psychological assessment of biased attitudes and behaviors using the latest scientific psychological measures . The Bias Adjuster can provide you with a detailed analysis of your attitudes/biases (racial, gender, and/or sexuality), how they may be impacting your behaviors and how you can change them to more desirable attitudes and behaviors. We provide specialized programs and workshops based on the individual(s) bias prevention and reduction goals, with programs for children (ages 2 years and older) and adults.

The Bias Adjuster, LLC. was founded by Dr. Bentley L. Gibson. Dr. Gibson received a BA in Psychology from Spelman College. She completed her doctorate  (Ph.D.) in Cognition and Development Psychology at Emory University, focusing on the development of racial and gender biases from early childhood to adulthood.  Dr. Gibson is currently an Assistant Professor in Psychology at Georgia Highlands College. Her current research focuses on what is known as implicit biases, associations that people may be unaware they possess, yet still impact their behaviors.